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Cathy started collecting Garfield in 1985 when her brother gave her 6 Garfield plush toys when he left home. Those 6 stuffed animals turned into thousands of Garfield Items.

Like most “normal” people, I always enjoyed reading the Garfield comics and probably had a Garfield mug or two. Prior to dating (and marrying Cathy) I had no idea what I was in for.

 I married into Cathy’s obsession in 1994. I would tell everyone that Cathy was a fanatical collector of Garfield. I always supported her Garfield collection and celebrated it as something that makes her distinctive. I would always refer to the collection as Cathy’s. It was in 2006, at the Garfield Gathering after I fought Cathy for her new Garfield robe that she recently acquired from Doc Davis, Jim Davis’ brother that I realized maybe I was deeper into the lifestyle than I realized.

So here I am at the 2006 Garfield Gathering during the “Garfield Pajama Party” wearing Garfield lounge pants, a Garfield shirt, Garfield slippers, and the new Garfield robe, and I suddenly realized that maybe I was “one of them”.

One prior obsessive example:

In November 2002 Cathy and I went on a cruise in the Western Caribbean. No sooner did we get back from the cruise we found out that Paws Inc. was organizing a Garfield 25th birthday cruise. Despite the fact that we just went to the exact itinerary cruise we signed up and went on the Garfield cruise.

Today we have thousands of items and have met many more people like us. One woman we met at the Garfield gathering explained that the reason she always goes to the Garfield Gathering was that it was the only weekend that she feels “normal”. There is no ribbing from friends about the obsessive collection.

Like in the Blind Melon rock video where the main character, “Bee Girl”, (a young girl wearing a bee suit), finally discovered there were other “oddballs” like her, it is nice to see that we are not the only people bitten by the Garfield bug. 

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