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Lake Compounce – A Garfield Themed Amusement Park
Our RV trip to Lake Compounce – September, 2006

Click here for the story behind our RV.

. . . When it comes to our RV, we have a motto: “Getting there is half the fun and getting home is the bonus plan”. This is actually a joke since it never has broken down on us (knock on wood) and we have a great time.

Our first ever RV trip was a day trip with close friends from New York to Lake Compounce Amusement Park in Connecticut. This was a 3 hour trip each way.

When I (Robert) first started dreaming about owning an RV I knew I wanted either a “Class A” or a class “C” RV because you are able to drive inside of them. A Trailer needs to be pulled by another vehicle and in most states it is illegal to even have passengers inside when the trailer is being towed.

We ended up getting a Class C.

I always envisioned the passengers in full comfort. They are free to move about the cabin. Get up grab a drink, move from the couch to the sofa. I would drive us to our intended destination.

The lake Compounce trip was our first realization of my dreams.  Cathy and our friends played card games at the dinette, moved around, prepared lunch at the kitchen area and were comfortable.

The RV performed beautifully. Other than our GPS not having a clue wher the front entrance of the theme park was we made it to the park in around 3 hours and eventually found the front gates.

Click here for a few photos from our trip to Lake Compounce,
a Garfield themed amusement park in Connecticut.

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