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Our Favorite Top 40 Garfield Collectibles

This is Robert Kothe, Cathy’s Husband. As one of my businesses, I run a website and video production company. Therefore, I have many videos on my YouTube channel ranging from Cathy and me just messing around on vacation all the way to commercial videos for corporate clients. There has always been many people following our channel but I was never sure why. 

Recently, somebody posted a comment on one of our Garfield videos asking for us to make more Garfield videos. This was right around the 40th birthday of Garfield’s birthday so it made sense to ramp it up. 

Cathy and I are not actors and we are not models but we do know Garfield collectables. Please forgive and enjoy the video rants that a married couple does when you just point a camera without a script. For those of you who enjoy drinking games, might we suggest drinking every time somebody says, “Ummm”. You will be fully hydrated by the first video. 

With that said please enjoy our countdown for our favorite top 40 Garfield collectibles. These are not the best or rarest Garfield collectibles in the world. They are just the ones that we have that means something to us. She does have some nice items, so you will still enjoy it. 
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If any slots are blank, we have not finished editing or releasing the videos yet. Please check back soon.

Part 1 of 8
Top 40 #40 to #36 Favorite Garfield Collectibles: 

Part 2 of 8
Top 40: Number 35 to #31 Favorite Garfield Collectibles: 

Part 3 of 8
Top 40: Number 30 to #26 Favorite Garfield Collectibles: 

Part 4 of 8
Top 40: Number 25 to #21 Favorite Garfield Collectibles: 

Part 5 of 8
Top 40: Number 20 to #16 Favorite Garfield Collectibles: 
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