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MiniatureDolls.com by Elaine's Petite People Plus

Welcome to Elaine's Petite People Plus Home Page - Owner: Elaine Kothe     113 Lille Rd  Nashua, NH 03062
(603) 888-6920   petitepeople@comcast.net

About Elaine's Petite People Plus

Petite People Plus specializes in hand-crafted miniatures:

Porcelain Dolls:

Unassembled and Assembled Doll Kits
- 1" scale
- 3/4" scale
- 1/2" scale
- 1/4" scale
Ladies, Men, Babies, Toddlers, Teenagers
Elfs, Fairies, Kewpies
Animals (Cats, Rabbits, Bears, Pigs, Frogs, etc.)


Lanscaped fences with trees and plants
Trees with brick bases
Sculptured Rock Ponds - with water lilies, rocks, turtle, and fish
Bird Feeders
Bird Baths
Bird Houses
Butterfly Houses
Mail Boxes
Water Fountains


Doll and Creature Houses

Whimsical Houses

Elaine Kothe's Biography

Elaine Kothe is the owner and founder of Petite People Plus. Since she was a little girl Elaine Kothe's favorite toy was her doll house. Her mother always encouraged Elaine and her sister Anita to be creative and they were constantly doing many forms of arts and crafts.

Encouraged by many high school teachers, Elaine went on to CW Post College and majored in ceramics. After she graduated she still pursued her favorite hobby, miniatures.

Elaine taught children's after school activities in many different school districts.

She joined a local miniature club and took on many leadership roles including Workshop Chairperson and Treasurer for many years.

Her hobby turned professional in 1986 when her doll house club sponsored its first doll house show in a local Knights of Columbus Hall. Attending more and more shows every year, eventually Elaine gave up teaching after school activities and conducted the business full time.

Elaine bonded with a former member of the doll house club, Joan Cremins and later they became business partners. Elaine would pour the porcelain and paint the faces and Joan would assemble the bodies and dress the dolls. Together they were an excellent team.

The most exceptional part of Joan and Elaine's business was that they were able to produce costumed dolls and accessories inexpensively. At the time, comparable quality dolls were selling for over three times their amount. Because of keeping prices low, Joan and Elaine developed a loyal following and their quality continued to improve.

"When I look at the first dolls we ever made and the dolls we make today, I can't believe the difference in quality." - Elaine Kothe
Elaine's doll kits are being used by many famous people in the industry and have received national recognition in many trade publications.
Elaine's Petite People Plus also specializes in landscaping and many other doll house accessories. The business has over 500 items in its product line including porcelain fountains, trees, landscape ponds, unique houses and much more. Elaine is especially proud of her exclusive animal dolls.

Elaine can be seen exhibiting at several miniature shows throughout the United States. See her show schedule for the date and locations nearest you.

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