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Disclosure: Robert Kothe, AHWD, C2EX,  is a Licensed NYS Real Estate Salesperson with
Signature Premier Properties.

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Giving Back

It gives me great pride to share my involvement with the Long Island community when it pertains to volunteering and special projects. It has been said that if you can spend part of your life doing what you love to do then you have lived well. For me, it is a double blessing because of most of my charitable giving involves what I love. There are more “Giving Back” links above.

Safe Boating and Public Education:
As volunteers with the United States Coast Guard Auxiliary Flotilla 014-22-01 in Huntington New York my wife and I partake in missions centered around public safety and public education. Click here to learn more

Long Island Maritime Museum:

As volunteers on the Historic Oyster Sloop the Priscilla owned by the Long Island Maritime Museum, my wife and I provide our time to help run the sailboat for public charters and education. Chick here for the Priscilla Website.

Robert On Boating /

As an extension of my energy for the Coast Guard Auxiliary as well as an extension of my background in website design and marketing, I have merged my love of boating with more projects regarding Boating. They are branded under ROB (Robert on Boating) and

North Shore Animal League Dog Fosters

Another great joy in our lives is being surrounded by dogs who need some time and attention while they await a permanent home, heal from surgeries or emotional trauma or live out their golden years in a hospice setting. We have helped over 50 dogs and look forward to working with more.

Find Lost Pet Project

Click here to learn more about an Important public service video that I created to help people recover lost animals and more importantly protect against losing them in the first place.

LIBRA Networking

Chick here to learn more about a free business networking group, Long Island Business Resource Association that I co-organize. We are always looking for new members.

Real Estate Marketing

What is Real-Estate?

Real-estate is the buying, selling, leasing, and renting of houses, property, and commercial space. We are sure that we all agree that the Internet is the best thing that has happened to the real-estate industry in years.

Thanks to the Internet, huge databases of properties are available with custom search criteria. Thanks to the Internet, High-resolution photos and videos can be viewed to preview properties and land.

Virtual tours, Quadcopter (Drone) photography, floor plans, and 3D footage are also being utilized to help display and sell real-estate.

Technology is a huge driver of the real-estate business so it only makes sense to have a multimedia company like Factxback get involved in the industry.

Million Dollar listing equivalent Photo and Video Treatment

For the type of listing treatment described below, a listing agent would likely pay $1,500 to $2,000 for all of the services. Often justifiable on a million-dollar listing but too expensive for most houses under a million.

Since Robert Kothe owns a website and video production company the marketing is done in-house and more economically since we are representing the actual listing.

Over-killing the listing treatments has serious advantages:

Most home sales originate from on-line searches. Either are searches done by buyers’ agents or the buyer themselves. The reason people do not only purchase on-line sight-unseen is that photos are often misleading or incomplete.

By providing a massive photo and video treatment that also includes floor plans buyers are likely to agree to themselves if they want to visit the listing or not. If they do not visit the listing, it is because something in the photos and videos turned them off. People who do visit the listing with an excessive media presence are likely to make an offer since it is exactly what they expected.

Not Just a Technology Company

We are not yet another technology company who gets paid no matter what for selling photography, videos, and virtual tours to every real-estate company who hires us. In that world, the service companies have no incentive to get the house sold. They just sell the pictures and let the listing agent worry about the rest.

Instead, Robert Kothe, Owner of is a licensed real-estate salesperson who provides a full body of technology, sales and real-estate experience on the listings that we represent.

Just to give you an idea of taking it to the next level, Robert mopped the floors of the last house he photographed because he did not want sheetrock dust in the photos. Would your photo-only photographer do that?

On the same property, Robert went back two days in a row because they wanted more pictures of the property. It helps when your marketing company cares more about selling the property than they do about just photographing it.

Robert Kothe is licensed by the State of New York and working with Signature Premier Properties.

The Technology

Obviously, being an Internet marketing company we are going to talk about the toys and gadgets first. Our professional real-estate technology capabilities include:

Branded Listing (for use in social Networking and ads)

Click Here for Branded Listing Page

Un-Branded Listing (For use on Multiple Listing Services and syndicated sithe such as Zillow, TRulia and

Click Here for un-branded listing page

  • Professional Photography Video production and Floor Plans (Click here for sample)
  • Floor Plans with clickable "hot-spots" that link to 360-degree photography
  • Virtual Tours
  • Social Media Marketing
  • 360-degree Photography
  • Aerial Photography
  • Quadcopter Photography
  • Face-to-Face Networking
  • Real-estate Subscriptions and membership including
  • Multiple Listing Services (MLS)

Click here for a Photo, Video, and floor-plan sample

Click here for a 360 degree sample

Real Estate Services / Signature to Signature Sales

Make no mistake about it, the make or break in real-estate is all about the people. It is important to have a team of people who have experience, people skills, and your best interest in mind. Robert Kothe has access to over 21 managers and even more Associate Brokers. Robert Kothe has also partnered with other Realtors with Signature.

Most Signature listings are sold to buyers represented by other Signature agents
. There are over 1200 Signature agents in the lower New York area.  This helps the transaction go smoothly. There is already a huge number of represented buyers just waiting for the next listing to go on the market. In Zone 20, the Huntington area Signature is the #1 agency by a large margin.

Real Estate Services Include

  • Pricing Strategy
  • Negotiations
  • Service Referrals
  • Comps (Pricing based on recent area sales)
  • Multiple Listing Services
  • Other Popular Databases (Zillow, Trulia,
  • Broker Open Houses
  • Public Open Houses
  • Private showings
  • Literature
  • Landing Pages
  • Facebook advertising
  • Craigslist Advertising
  • Signature to Signature Agent coordination (see below)

Contact Robert Kothe AHWD, C2EX, Licensed NYS Real Estate Salesperson (and Realtor) with:

157 East Main Street
Huntington, NY 11743

Office: 631.673.3700
Fax: 631.673.3359

Robert's Direct Business # (631) 427-3292 Note: This line does not receive texts

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