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Garfield Celebrities (and Us)

As a testament to the humorous insanity of the Garfield collectors, I'd like to share a story that happened on the Garfield 25th Birthday Cruise. One of the scheduled events was a party in the ships lounge. Since Jim Davis, The creator of Garfield was also on the cruise with the group, he was also at the party.

The ironic part that I'd like to share was that in the beginning of the party, many of the collectors were around Jim Davis. Suddenly, when the person in the Garfield Costume (probably a ships employee or worse, a mime) walked in, most of the people all abandoned Jim Davis and started crowding the person in the Garfield Costume.

I couldn’t believe my eyes. To me the insanity was there is only one Jim Davis but the costumed Garfield was only a representation of Garfield with a regular person inside who didn’t even talk. Unlike the celebrity obsessed society of today, Garfield Collectors appear to be true to their character despite the fact that the brains behind the operation was on the ship.

The following slideshow features a few more people who make Garfield come to life:

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