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LovesGarfield.com - A Private Garfield Collection

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MiniatureDolls.com by Elaine's Petite People Plus

Welcome to Elaine's Petite People Plus Home Page - Owner: Elaine Kothe     113 Lille Rd  Nashua, NH 03062
(603) 888-6920   petitepeople@comcast.net

Some of Cathy's World-record Collection

In 2015 when the world record was certified, Cathy was credited to have over 6190 unique collectables. They do not count duplicates. At the time she had over 12,000 items when you count duplicates.

AS you can imagine time goes on and more items come in. At this point Cathy has over 14,000 items and if we were to re-submit for the record, she could probably clear 8,000 unique items.

Only the tip of the iceberg

This website only scratches the surface in showing of her collection.


There are some videos here and more on the Videos Page.

Thousand of items can be seen in the videos throughout the website. The video captures the layout of our house as well as some of the smaller items.

Loves Garfield Book – The Semi-Official Garfield Collectors Handbook by Cathy and Robert Kothe (With forward from Jim Davis)

In our book we feature hundreds of full-color pictures of some of Cathy’s best collectables. It took us hundreds of hours to write, photograph and do image clean-up for presentation and honestly, we have no desire to re-invent the wheel here. The book is available in Full printed color or downloadable at Amazon.com

Throughout the Website

It goes without saying that if we have an entire section about Cathy’s “Mr. Rogers” statue, it will likely not be re-written in this section. Use the navigation above to see the featured sections.

an older Collections Video

It is hard to pick and choose which items to feature on this website. There are over 400 pages of full color photos on our book “Loves Garfield” so we do not want to re-invent the wheel. The photos below are just a drop in the bucket.

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