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LovesGarfield.com - A Private Garfield Collection

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The Garfield Amusement Ride

In the world of Garfield Collecting it seems that the single most sought after collectible is likely an item that does not serve any specific purpose and is cute. What could be more useless than a 400 pound fiberglass Garfield amusement ride in our living room.

This Item was purchased on Ebay. This was the second time that we bid on this type of item. Be careful what you wish for because we won the 2nd time around.

After a monumental journey from a freight forwarder this item arrived on probably the largest wooden crate you would ever want to see.

Garfield Amusement Ride Video - Before the house was out of space

Our First Garfield Amusement Ride

Our second Garfield Amusement Ride

We are out of space in the living room so we turned it into Robert's desk

Next to the first amusement ride, are Cathy's two Macy;s Christmas Giant Plush. We won them both,

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