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LovesGarfield.com - A Private Garfield Collection

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Welcome to Elaine's Petite People Plus Home Page - Owner: Elaine Kothe     113 Lille Rd  Nashua, NH 03062
(603) 888-6920   petitepeople@comcast.net

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Cathy and I get a lot of emails and phone calls about Garfield collectibles, they are often about people asking how they can sell a Garfield collection. Because this topic is so popular, I made a video to try and help out. We ask that people watch the video first to get the primary information before contacting us in person.

Click Here for the How to sell a Garfield Collection Page

Other information:

If you are emailing or calling, please give us more information than just your question

  • Your Name
  • Where you are from
  • How to reach you
  • Your Question

Email: cathy@lovesgarfield.com

Phone: (631) 427-3292 (do not text this phone number – it is a business line and does not support caller ID so we wont know who you are)

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