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Garfield Slot Machine

All throughout our trip to Las Vegas we were looking for the Garfield Slot Machines that a friend of ours told us about. It turns out that Las Vegas did not clear the slot machine at the time of our vacation so there weren’t any to be found.

The next year we drove to Atlantic City and found the slot machine at a casino on the Boardwalk.

Garfield Slot Machine Glass Panel Light Box

And Odie’s Revenge Slot Machine Glass Panel Light Box

In the summer of 2009 we purchased two separate glass panels on eBay that came from the Garfield Slot Machine and the Odie’s Revenge Slot machine.

In order to illuminate the box Robert made two custom made light boxes illuminated by fluorescent lights. (Pictured here)

At first it seemed that Garfield slot machines are not available for private sale. When a machine is retired it is stripped down and the guts of the machine are re-used. Over the years we were able to purchase some retired slot machines. They no longer work as a gambling device without the casino mainframe hooked up but as a collector they are really cool video games.

You can see our three machines on videos throughout this website.

Legal note: Some states discourage the private ownership of slot machines so be sure you know the rules to owning and transporting slot machines before you purchase one.

Technical note: If you do find a slot machine you are pretty much on your own. Companies will not support you with repairs, parts, or advice. The workings of modern slot machines are intended to be a secret for the protection of the casinos against cheaters. Buyer beware.

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